How Long Does it Take to Build a Duplex?

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If you’re dipping your toe into the process of building a new home, it’s essential to research exactly what you’re committing to. How much will it cost? How long will it take? How can you customise the home to your liking? 

These questions should all be considered, and an appropriate home builder then be chosen. 

For today, we’ll focus on time frames. When building a duplex, home builders Sydney-wide can vary their time frames based on a range of factors, but there are things you can do to speed the process up. 

If you need any help designing your next home, contact Morris Homes for expert support and modern designs that will hold up for years to come. 

What Reports Say

If you’ve looked around for this answer before finding Morris Homes, you’ll likely have seen a wide range of guesses from other blogs and builders. But there are some solid figures out there that give us more concrete answers. 

Up until 2019, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) conducted a survey of the average dwelling completion times (measured in quarters) and found a significant difference in time frames between units, flats, and houses. 

In 2018-19, houses were steady at an average of 2.22 quarters while townhouses were at a 10-year high of 3.36 quarters. At Morris Homes, we like to think our custom duplexes fall under houses, rather than townhouses as we pride ourselves on an efficient turnaround once designs are approved. 

However, a deeper dive into more recent statistics reveals a stark reminder of the supply chain issues that have plagued the construction industry ever since the pandemic.

The Ai Group’s most recent Performance of Construction Index (PCI) in November 2022 indicated that housing demand had contracted from record highs the previous year, but labour shortages and supply delays remained a concern. 

In mid-2022, the Australian Financial Review reported that one Australian property group had tripled its estimates on the completion of some dwellings — from 12 to 36 weeks.

Of course, these are broad estimates, so allow us to discuss how these time frames can be improved for more eager families. 

Factors Affecting Build Time

As we said, build times can change based on many factors and Morris Homes is here to alleviate as many of them as possible. 

Land preparation can arguably become the most time-consuming stage of any build as you can never truly know how difficult a plot is going to become. Many estimates put this stage anywhere from one to two months, so don’t get disheartened when your new home isn’t taking shape straight away. 

Permits can be expedited with some preparation and an understanding of your local Council’s processes. Building permits can be approved or denied based on things like kerbside appeals, imposition on neighbours, land impacts and more. Each Council is different, so make sure you know what could make or break your build before it starts.

The design of your home can certainly become a factor depending on how complex it becomes. Of all the factors listed here, Morris Homes are most experienced in helping with the design and giving you an idea of how time-consuming or expensive certain elements may become. More rooms, multiple levels, and additions like custom benchtops can all add some time to your build. 

However, when you build with an experienced custom home builder like Morris Homes, you’re afforded the luxury of builders who are used to going above and beyond. Our team has seen every customisation you can think of, so don’t be shy about telling us what you want and need in your new home!

Contact Morris Homes

As you make the leap to build a new duplex for your family, consider Morris Homes as your expert in custom construction. We offer the expertise, empathy and innovation to get the job done in a time frame that suits you.

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