Exploring the Design and Benefits of a Duplex Design

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In modern building and construction, there is an increasing demand for sleek designs that can fit on smaller blocks of land and duplexes have answered that call. As one of the most recognised builders for duplex home designs in Sydney, Morris Homes is proud to explain why a duplex design could be what you need.

An eye-catching design

Duplexes appeal to a mixed cohort of buyers due to their flexible designs and affordability. Whether it be couples, families, retirees, or investors renting out to flatmates, a duplex can appeal to all kinds of people. As you build your own duplex with Morris Homes, you’ll be presented with a range of questions that will allow the design to take shape to suit your lifestyle. Whether you need multiple breakout rooms or a more open floorplan, we can accommodate with the best of them.

An affordable income potential

While the upfront cost of building a duplex can leave room for hesitation, the long-term benefits tend to swing the other way. Keeping in mind that a duplex design consists of two units separated by a central wall, many people choose to live in one half and rent out the other. Despite the shared wall, a private entrance allows each household to go about their days unhindered while enjoying an agreeable deal financially.

Increased property value

Think of a duplex as an investment instead of an expense. We know that the demand is rising every day, and they come with strong passive income potential as well. Oftentimes, duplexes can be built in convenient locations due to their smaller footprint which further justifies their value.

Factors to consider while building a duplex

When building a duplex, there are three main factors that need to be remembered in most instances. The neighbourhood in which the duplex is built, the population size, and the types of houses in the locality. These will all help you to understand what you’re getting into and how the future of the duplex will be moulded. There are pros and cons to designing a duplex which stands out from its neighbourhood. On the one hand, standing out can add a point of difference which some buyers love; while on the other hand, matching the neighbourhood is a good indicator of what local buyers are willing to pay for.

Certain elements like the roof, dormers, gables, exterior wall cladding, doors and driveways need to be in accordance with the zoning laws. Landscaping should also aid in emphasising the differences in the two units, while ideally not mirroring each other. It should also be used to ideally block the view into the parking areas.

Morris Homes is your answer

We are firm in our knowledge and consider ourselves to be more than experts to help you build the duplex that ticks all your boxes. Get in touch with us so that we can bring your dreams to life in a timeframe that suits you.