The Advantages of Building a Duplex in Sydney

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A beautiful timber front door, artwork along the walls, coffee brewing on the island benchtop – whatever your dream home looks like, your best bet is to build it. If you’re living in New South Wales (or you want to) and you see yourself in a duplex, home builders Sydney-wide will be eager to make your dream a reality.

The Morris Homes difference, however, is that we know one simple truth of home design: any house can be made to look great, but not every home is fully functional. That’s why when we build duplexes across Sydney, we never sacrifice function for form. We know that home design should make your life easier while looking great at the same time.

So why should you build a duplex in Sydney specifically? As anyone in the real estate game will tell you, things are getting expensive in 2023 and any opportunity to find value in the market is one to be taken.

Building vs Buying

Before we focus on the Sydney housing market, let’s consider the benefits of building over buying. In 2022, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that the average cost to build a house in Australia was $473,000. Of course, the range of costs varies greatly depending on a range of factors such as land size, design complexity, and materials used.

To be more cost-specific, Canstar found that the average price to build in Australia was $1,738.63 per m² in late-2022. Assuming the average price was $738,321 at the same time, anything smaller than 424m² could be considered cheaper to build upon. But let’s not get lost in the depth of variable costs.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

When you choose to build instead of buy, you benefit from all the latest luxuries in modern home design. Not to mention all of the up-to-date appliances that come with it. In consultation with architects, engineers, and builders, those who choose to build can be sure their new home will align with energy efficiency standards, the most innovative materials, and a fitting floor plan.

As duplexes turn a single block into two unique properties, there is obviously less space to go around. Therefore, it will be essential to maximise the space available on the floor plan to create a home that suits you. Morris Homes loves a challenge, and we welcome your input on all new home designs. This extends to every fitting and fixture because these elements will save you money in the long run.

While you’re investing in building a new home for the future, you’ll find a range of options on fridges, dishwashers, taps, microwaves, stovetops and more. All of these decisions will contribute to your new home’s overall energy efficiency – a luxury that isn’t always afforded to home buyers.

A Word on Sydney

While real estate in the nation’s largest city is indeed growing in demand, value and cost, there is still opportunity to be sought in Sydney. The average price to buy an existing home in Sydney is a tick above $1 million – the only capital city to hit seven figures.

However, according to ABS data released in 2020, the average cost to build there was just $349,000. As mentioned, this will depend on land size and all the rest of the factors listed, but the clear truth is in the cost efficiency of building.

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