How To Design A Spacious Duplex

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Whether you’re buying your first home where your kids can grow up or downsizing to live within your means, a duplex could be the perfect fit.

Before you start picking paint colours, however, you’ll need to choose one of the capable duplex builders Sydney offers.

To tick this off, it’ll be important to find a business that aligns with your values and can deliver on your non-negotiables.

These could be things like a spacious duplex on a budget, and that’s where Morris Homes hones its craft.

We can build a home out of any lot, no matter the size or your personal preferences. Just let us know what a home means to you and we’ll get to work designing the perfect duplex.

So, how exactly do we maximise the space in a small duplex? Read on for some tips and tricks to brighten up the place.

Use Neutral Tones

Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you should sap the place of any personality or pops of colour. We suggest choosing neutral wall paint – anywhere from plain white, through creams and light greys – and accenting the home with decor to taste.

Neutral tones give the place more depth than crisp, black walls might. This is because the lighter colours blend and blur better with the colours creeping in from outside, such as the earth, sky or clouds.

Welcome the Outdoors in

In the same vein as using neutral tones, it can help to incorporate outdoor elements as you open up your duplex design.

If your duplex has two levels, you could attempt to add a skylight above a void so that natural light can flood in from the top right through to the bottom of your abode.

Another way to embrace the great outdoors is to choose a few tasteful house plants and place them near the windows. So long as they’re not overbearing and bulky, these plants can blur the line between indoors and outdoors, giving the beholder the perception that there is more space inside.

Open-plan Kitchen

When considering the foundations of your interior design, an open-plan kitchen is almost always a good idea nowadays.

In a small duplex, removing any unnecessary walls, beams or benches can offer more room for you to move freely.

The less you’re bumping into your own fixtures and furniture, the less you’ll feel cramped and uncomfortable in your own home.

Lots of Storage to Keep Clutter Free

While we’re discussing the staples of interior design, make sure to include ample storage in your duplex design.

Oftentimes in design, it’s less about what’s included and more about what’s not in the way – specifically, clutter.

By designing plenty of cupboards, draws, nooks and crannies into your duplex, your many possessions are more likely to find their place and off the floor or bench space.

As with an open-plan kitchen, the more floor space you can wrangle from your duplex design, the larger your life will feel.

Think Tall

If you’re loving the idea of that void below the skylight, then stay on that brainstorm and find other ways to heighten your design.

Tall windows, doors, walls and ceilings are always a positive in duplex design, as floorspace isn’t the only way to make things feel bigger.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are another way to welcome the outdoors in and make maximum use of natural light. Meanwhile, taller walls make room for large pieces of art, or a mirror which can increase the size of your room even more.

Contact Morris Homes

There are so many ways to design a spacious duplex, no matter the metrage on your floor plan. Get to know even more tips and tricks when you get in touch with one of our friendly designers.

We’re passionate about delivering bespoke homes to excited buyers, whatever your stage of life. Contact Morris Homes today!

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