How to Choose Between Custom Home Designs

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Your new custom-built home is a precious endeavour that deserves every care as you create a new chapter in your life. 

That’s why Morris Homes is dedicated to delivering beautiful duplex house designs Sydney-wide, accommodating our customers’ visions with as much flexibility as possible.

If you’re overwhelmed by the process of designing a custom home for you and your family, we hope this blog offers the advice you need to find satisfaction in the final product.

Research and Find Your Taste

Let this be the most enjoyable part of the process as you dive into the world of interior design and funky floor plans. 

There are all kinds of resources online to spark your interest such as Pinterest, Instagram and blogs like these that may be the inspiration you need to get started. 

Create a moodboard of colours, materials, objects and even emotions that represent your vision. Presenting these to an experienced designer should be enough for them to create something to your tastes, but there are certain trends you’ll want to be aware of. 

Welcome in nature

Modern home design has begun leaning towards the great outdoors, welcoming in the greenery that surrounds our homes and combining a sense of vibrance and calm. 

As you work with the professionals to design your new home, consider natural elements like wood or stone, as well as earthy colours like moss green or mahogany. These lush features ground the design and allow for all kinds of art and decor to accent the space. 

Bespoke decor

Another way to make your space feel more homely is with ornaments and decorations that are unique and have a special meaning to you. 

Everyone can go and buy the same “live, love, laugh” pillowcase, but not everyone will find that one quirky knick-knack at the $2 store. Take advantage of this fact and adorn the home with your favourite talking points. 

Feature walls

Speaking of talking points, make a statement with a feature wall that represents you – whether that be with your favourite colour or a texture that demands your attention. 

This could be the backdrop for your favourite piece of art, or it could stand alone as the art itself. 

Find a Team You Can Trust

Your designer and builder will soon become your best friends as they make your dream a reality. Once you have developed a strong idea of what you want from this project, you should stick to it as much as the project allows.

Of course, if the builder tells you a diamond staircase isn’t feasible, you should probably listen to them. Otherwise, stick to your guns and find a team that will accommodate your dream as best they can. 

Discuss your must-have list with them early on and let them explain how much of it will be possible and what might be sacrificed to make it happen. 

This could include elements like a second bathroom, ducted heating, island bench, or a north-facing master suite.

Volume or Custom Home Builder

A custom home builder will take your preferences into consideration and work with you to deliver a home that’s as close to that vision as possible. 

Depending on your must-haves, this can be a more expensive but worthwhile endeavour. After all, if you’ll be living in this house for years, you’ll want it to be designed to your liking. 

On the other hand, a volume builder will present you with a range of home templates that may be similar to your preferences. This option can be cheaper at first as volume builders purchase their materials in bulk. However, alterations can cause the costs to stack up as you get closer to your dream home. 

Both options have become very popular in a saturated housing market, but only one will best suit your dreams. 

If this blog hasn’t answered your questions about custom home design, get in touch and we will discuss every concern.

Image by: Kara Eads | Image Sorce: Free to use under the Unsplash License | Image Link : Unsplash